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I have suffered from bilateral hip injuries from half-marathon training that have plagued me for the past 5 years. During that time, I was unable to perform any physical activity comfortably. As a last minute decision before undergoing surgery, I reached out to Shashi as one last effort. It was the best decision I have ever made. After one session, I was immediately able to feel relief and I have begun swimming and biking again.

I have had several great massages, but I couldn't find anyone who would spend the full time on my troubled hip areas only. Other therapists would focus 15 minutes or so and transition to the full body/relaxation piece. Shashi and the medical massage practices are very, very different. You spend time talking about your troubled areas and getting therapy specifically in those areas for results. His Myofascial Release and Trigger Point practices are unique. I can’t explain it any better. He is really wonderful. Please just go see him. You won’t regret it. K. W.

I started seeing Shashi a month ago for issues I've been having with fluid retention and he suggested lymphatic drainage. He took the time to explain the lymphatic system so that I could understand it better prior to ever working on me. He is also teaching me some techniques so that I could continue the work he is doing in between sessions. I highly recommend Shashi, he is kind, very skilled and so knowledgeable. I also appreciate same day appointments as my prior therapist was booked months in advance. J. A

Shashi is fantastic! My first visit was due to a hiking injury. He was very truthful and clear about what massage could do to help and what it could not do. He took the time to fully explain everything before, during and after the massage. He offered "homework" of stretching and self-massage that really helped. One visit was all I needed to put me on the right path toward healing from the injury. Nearly a year later I returned to Shashi for help with osteoarthritis pain. I needed a walking stick for support before my visit. I was able to leave his office without using the stick. I love his no-nonsense approach to his business practice and his same-day appointment policy. If you want a spa experience, go somewhere else. If you're looking for health and healing support from a competent, educated provider, I highly recommend Shashi! K. S

The only therapy that helps lessens the pain from TMJ over time.  E. B.

I broke my thumb while spending the summer in NC. The break resulted in inflammation that caused severe thumb/wrist pain and immobility. Hand surgeons, cortisone shots, icing, Prednisone, Ibuprofen, Mobic, regular massage, natural anti-inflammatories--I tried all of these things, but the pain and severely restricted movement continued. When I went to Shashi, I could barely bend my wrist or move my thumb because the inflammation was so severe. After three months of trying everything above with no relief, I was beginning to feel hopeless. However, after three sessions with Shashi doing myofacial release massage, I was able to move my thumb and bend my wrist with little to no pain. Unfortunately, I got food poisoning my last week in town and couldn't make it to my last week of massage therapy, but those three sessions helped more than anything else. Shashi spent a great deal of time actively listening to what happened to cause my problems, and then spent time each session explaining exactly where he thought the problems were coming from and how he planned to address those problems in the treatment session. After the discussion, he gave me exercises to do and explained what their purposes were, then he did an hour-long massage focused on the problem areas, which started at my neck, shoulders, and back, and then moved down to my arm, wrist, and hand. I felt improvement after each treatment, which my doctor unfortunately was unable to accomplish. I would highly recommend Shashi to anyone who has soft tissue problems, especially those that are resistant to traditional medical treatment. A+ experience.  S. B. C.

Shashi has helped my son's recovery from several injuries due to wrestling and football. He explains the anatomy of the muscles and nerves around the painful areas and the techniques he uses to help the tissues to heal. He came highly recommended from a wrestling family friend and we are so glad we got introduced to him!

First visit and we are sold, I was allowed to stay in the room with my wife, we felt comfortable and relaxed. Shashi is respectful and helpful. He talks about the process as he works on you, pleasant experience. I will add to our review as we continue to visit. Second visit and my wife's frozen shoulder is back to normal function without pain and stiffness. Her recovery was swift and steady. She was told she would need two visits and that's what it took. No upsell, no membership fees, not 8 session program. It was exactly what was promised. We will return if we need additional services, but as for the shoulder...it's fixed. My wife is smiling again, thank you thank you thank you!!  A. G

Recommendation from Local Businesses I am writing this review after 4 sessions of medical massage therapy by Shashi. I have had severe migraine and tension headaches for more than a year along with back pain. Shashi was able to relieve a lot of my pain by performing myofascial release along with trigger point therapy for my headaches. I have received TMJ, which has further helped my headaches. Shashi was also able to help my back pain. After 4 sessions, I can easily say that my hip flexor pain has become barebale and I can't wait to recieve further pain reduction with additional therapy. I am glad I found Shashi!  S. M.

I am an avid weight lifter (15+ years) and I have been suffering from some very bad tennis elbow for 9 of the last 12 months. It has limited my ability to do a lot of movements and even to pick a weight plate up one handed to load on the bar. Any time I had to turn a door knob , shake hands, or really any type of movement that required grip I couldn't. The pain was incapacitating.

I saw orthopedic Doctors, had rehab, dry needling, acupuncture, many massages and nothing eased the pain. I found Wake Medical Massage on-line and read the reviews. I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try. The first visit I was diagnosed, shown on charts what the issue was and how we would go about treating it. I was given a massage, then given some very detailed stretches to do 3 times a day. After my first appointment my arm was better 5 out of the 7 days.

I went back for a follow up the next week and after that massage my arm was better 14 out of 16 days. When I say better, I mean I can lift weights as heavy as I want, do Jui-Jitsu 5 days a week, turn door knobs, shake hands, no issues.

I had my 3rd appointment today and I will continue to go when I need tune ups. Shashi cares about your well being and his goal is to help you treat yourself in the long run. I have had over 50 different massage therapist work on me in my life and I can say without a doubt Shashi uses techniques I have never had done before. Whatever they are, they work!  K. T.

I highly recommend coming here you will not regret it! I initially came in July 2017 with the help of my doctor from Miami (he located this place for me) to have a series of lymphatic massages. After my initial massage, I was able to walk normally and just felt better overall. I was in so much pain and discomfort, after my first massage I felt like a new person. I came back for about 5 massages and noticed each time I felt a significant improvement. I have returned a few days ago for more massages as I had had undergone another procedure. As soon as I landed I called and made an appointment . I was able to be seen when I wanted based on my schedule . I have been to 2 other massage facilities in the area that claim to provide "lymphatic massages" but they did nothing more than a feather massage, that I could have done myself. Wake Medical Massage is amazing and I will continue to refer people and to go here as well. You will feel amazing !  A. C

Words can not describe how grateful I am to Shashi. For two years, I had lived with chronic and worsening shoulder pain and had sought the opinion of 3 different physicians. They were each unable to diagnose my condition and had no other recommendation beyond physical therapy (which was only marginally effective).

I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever regain full function in my shoulder until I went to see Shashi. He was able to properly diagnose my condition (frozen shoulder) in our first session and by our second session, my pain had lessened by 80%. I religiously followed the exercise techniques he told me to do at home. Within a 3 week time frame, Shashi brought me back to a state of health I never thought I would experience again. I felt normal and 100% pain-free.

I did not think that I would ever feel normal again, but I do, and it is all thanks to Shashi. He was able to do for me in 2 weeks what no other physician or medical professional had been able to do in 2 years. I cannot thank or recommend him enough.  T. B.

When I visited Wake Medical Massage, I was in serious pain that had been slowly developing over a few months, but in the prior two weeks, had worsened to nearly unbearable. I was having muscle and tendon spasms in my right arm, which ended up being the result of muscle tension in my neck, shoulder, and (I forget the name of it). When I spoke to Shashi (sp?) over the phone, he knew immediately what was wrong, and he offered to make himself as available as possible to help me out. Unfortunately, due to my work, I was unable to visit him for almost two weeks.

When I finally visited him, he gave me the most professional pre-massage checkup I'd ever had. As part of his checkup, he showed me on a chart which muscles (and underlying bones) were most likely causing my pain and went to work on those.

He found the muscles and tendons that were irritated and identified and helped me understand what the root cause of my pain was. As it turned out, he was completely correct: he recommended I visit an orthopedic specialist because my problem was based in a skeletal misalignment, something he suspected. He did a wonderful job relieving the tension.

Shashi is extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and he did a phenomenal job with me. I am looking forward to future sessions with him.  D. D.

I visited NC from out of state to play baseball. I had some tightness in my throwing arm and shoulder and Shashi helped me to understand what was going on and was able to relieve the pain so I could play at full strength. Highly recommend!

I am writing this review for my dad (an older gentleman) who is now a regular patient of Shashi.

First and foremost, this is not a place with an assembly line of massages, that only feel good for the moment and yield no real long term results. This is a place for MEDICAL massage therapy and Shashi is a MEDICAL massage therapist, this is critical to understand and research if you are suffering from chronic pain. Shashi has gone through extensive amount of study and training to perform medical massages specifically tailored to each patients unique situation and story in dealing with pain.

Shashi is a true healer, and a character you only read about in books. Healing runs in his family as he is the third generation providing medical massages. He also works aside many doctors in the area. From the moment you meet him, he has already began assessing you while carefully listening with undivided attention to the smallest detail regarding your pain and how it has accumulated. He will ask questions upon questions to make sure he has gotten all the details and will only stop when he has gotten all the pieces. He then will explain (not just through words but through diagrams and images) what it actually is that is going on in your body causing pain, why it is going on and how it affects the rest of you. At last, Shashi will explain in detail what he will do, the areas he will work on, what the patient will feel and what the patient needs to do outside of the office (yes you will have homework) to improve his/her condition. All of this, explained in detail before he even touches you. Doctors don’t even do this. And then, the peaceful music turns on and Shashi begins his magic.

I initially took my dad in for sciatica and back pain, but Shashi through his medical massage technique was also able to identify tense left hip flexor muscles (primarily the Psoas, Quadratus Lumborum and the iliacus muscles as he explained in medical terms), which were also causing my dad discomfort in intestines, meanwhile other therapists and even doctors have failed to even mention or pick up on. (And we have seen quiet a few of them)

After sessions, Shashi will follow up with phone calls asking how you are doing and keeping track of progress. He doesnt just call my dad, he calls me as well to make sure everything has been understood and checks to see if there are any questions while placing heavy importance on my dad’s satisfaction.

My dad feels so much better after each session and both him and I are so thankful for Shashi, we have the greatest respect for him and cannot recommend him enough!  Thank you Shashi!   A. L.

I started going to Shashi at Wake Medical Massage for persistent pain in my hamstring and upper back due to years of running and lately triathlon training. I had been to a chiropractor, orthopedic, and physical therapy without much success. But Shashi offered a unique approach, being one of only 3 licensed medical massage therapists in the state. He listened very intently to my conditions at our first visit and then explained (with charts) what the underlying issues were and how he planned to address them. He used a combination of sports massage therapy with myofascial release and neuromuscular trigger point therapy for my hip flexors and thoracic intercostal muscles. And after just 3 visits my back issue is almost totally resolved and the hamstring is definitely better. I definitely recommend Shashi to anyone experiencing chronic pain.  J. M.

I'm a 50 year old female with lower back/hip/knee pain. I can tell you with 100% honesty, Shashi knows what he's doing!! I've been treated by his medical massage and trigger point therapy 4x now, most recently was two days ago after an acute flare-up after moving some heavy items. In that one session he basically "fixed" me. I am practically pain free, and am able to sleep again....relief!! I actually emailed him the next day to tell him he was a miracle worker, and I'm so thankful. Shashi is thorough, professional, and spends plenty of time listening to me, paying attention to what's going on with me. I feel very lucky to have found him. Highly recommend!  K.C.

Shashi is the only person I have been to in the Triangle region who is able to perform the deep tissue work that I require and I've been to many therapists. He is friendly and will spend time beforehand to talk with you about what is bothering you, assess your overall physical condition, and will target the massage to your particular needs. In addition, he will provide any after care instructions for you to continue self work. He is the best I've found. 5 stars!   S. D. B.

 Shashi is an amazing and knowledgeable medical massage therapist. He really listens, he's patient and takes the time to explain why your body is in pain and then discusses how he will be able to help you. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain, degenerative disc disease and now Golfer's elbow. Before each session he also discusses your pain level and progress since your last visit. I know this will be a slow process to healing but I love that I have some degree of immediate pain relief after each session. Sometimes I feel decreased pain, sometimes it's more flexibility. Be prepared to do "homework" and it's in your best interest to do it! It's for your own health. I'm looking forward to getting better with Shashi's help.

Mr. Lodhia is a true professional. This is not a cookie cutter spa rub but a massage geared to your specific needs. The therapist goes to great lengths to understand your needs so all issues can be addressed. First rate!  K. S

Shashi is an amazing person with an amazing personality. He has professional experience in being a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist. I’m receiving a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage due to cosmetic post surgery to help Improve pain, swelling, soreness and scars. After each massage session I seen results drastically, in 4 weeks I went down 2 sizes. Shashi is very passionate in what he does and he cares very much about his clients. He takes the time to explain the procedure of the massage therapy that he’s about to perform and he also explains how the Lymphatic Drainage Massage works to help and heal your body. What’s most important is to make sure after a cosmetic post surgery that you’re not going to any Lymphatic Drainage Massage therapist, but you’re going to a Certified Lymphatic Drainage Massage therapist. Shashi skills and professionalism is outstanding, I promise you will never be disappointed in his work. I recommend Shashi indefinitely to everyone. He’s definitely the best in the triangle area.  M. B.

I saw Shashi for issues I kept having after surgery for hip impingement (FAI) and for back pain due to herniated disks. Unlike other massage treatment I had before, his sessions helped me to regain better functionality and overcome some of the pain I was having. He is very knowledgeable and does his work with great professionalism.  M. T.

Shashi is AMAZING. He has a wonderful, calming presence that puts you to ease. I originally came in for TMJ jaw pain, the relief was almost immediate. Definitely one of the best massages I've had.  J. Q.

Shashi has been extremely helpful in identifying where are my difficulty originates and explaining it to me thoroughly. I highly recommend him for anyone who has a medical concern and wants to find relief, honesty and a direction to take toward health and wellness. J. S.

I highly recommend Shashi for your medical massage needs. Shashi does great work. He knows what he is doing and explains things thoroughly. I began seeing Shashi for my neck, shoulders, back and feet about 4 months ago. I’ve had pain for years that has finally been resolved. I received medical massage therapy customized to integrate myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Shashi was also able to help me with plantar fasciitis pain. Shashi listens to your needs and is the best at what he does. I’m thankful for finally finding the right person to take care of my trigger points and feet. C. F.

Shashi helped me with some medical massages. I’ve been having some muscle tightness/spams all over my back, neck and hips for over a year. He helped me relieve my symptoms and worked on my trigger points/myofascial release like no one else have. His massages are different and unique. He gave me good advice on how to work on my own and release my trigger points at home. Thank you Shashi for taking your time to listen and help me in my recovery process. You are the best therapist I’ve ever seen! I recommend him 100%.  V.R.

I’ve had 4 sessions with Mr. Shashi, he’s great at what he does. Helped me a whole lot with Manual Lymphatic Drainage - MLD after surgery. Very sweet and caring therapist!  J. A.

Certified MLD! A rarity in this area, and Shashi has been caring, compassionate and a great listener to my needs after having medial thigh lift that caused much swelling. Manual lymph drainage has decreased my swelling and shortened my recovery time. Anyone having PS, don’t be fooled by lymphatic massages - it isn’t the same as MLD.  T. S

I have been going to Shashi Lodhia for about 2 months now, and in this time period he has made my chronic neck symptoms that I had for 10 years completely better,where other doctors from chiropractors, neurologists,orthopedics have done nothing to very little. I highly recommend his service, he is very professional, knowledgeable, and he will let you know up front if he can or can't help you with your medical problem... V. N

Best in town for lymphatic massage!! If you are looking for someone that will change the way your body feels call wake medical massage. I just had surgery and after the first three massages my swelling went down drastically. I am so grateful to him and I highly recommend his services. P. D.

I was suffering from back pain and sciatic nerve pain down my leg. I needed a medical massage practitioner to work out the trigger points. At each visit Shashi spent the time to discuss the nature of my problem as it evolved over a couple of weeks. I felt significant improvement. What worked really well for me was to have my chiropractor jot down the affected muscle groups so that Shashi would work out the knots and lesions. A. F.

My history: L4/L5 herniation
L5/S1 herniation that turned into two pieces of the disc breaking off and crushing the sciatic nerve which required surgery to correct.
CONSTANT DAILY TIGHTNESS AND ACHE IN SMALL OF BACK. VERY often right upper buttocks sciatic pain.
I've taken every steroid shot (over 12 of them) and drug there is. Even went for botox but never got it. At my whits end I literally typed "Male Indian Massage Therapist Raleigh NC" into Google and voila... up comes Shashi.
The man knows what he is doing, best of Western and Eastern massage techniques. If you are looking for some soft, hot stone, lullaby, whisper, sleepy time massage don't bother calling him. He is the real deal for MEDICAL MASSAGE. Let me translate that for you... it's the type of massage that ACTUALLY works for relieving pain because it addresses the issue that is DEEP in the muscle and connective tissue. Now mind you, half the time Shashi is working on me I want to punch him in the stomach. These sessions aren't always fun BUT they DO PRODUCE RESULTS and that is what I am after and that is why I keep going back. Obviously they will get better as the muscles release. After 12 years of dealing with this pain Shashi is the only person WHO REALLY LISTENS and listens EVERY time I go and is giving me ongoing positive results.
If you have real pain and want to do something about it give him a call. I read these other reviews and thought, OK maybe this guy is the real deal. Those other reviews are just as right as mine... he is the real deal.  M.G

Everything was explained to me before and after my session, including why my shoulders were contributing to finger numbness. I've never had such an effective massage for pain. I highly recommend Wake Medical Massage.  S. M

I highly recommend Shashi for medical massage. I’ve had long term issues and after 5 sessions feel tremendously better. My husband after much prodding finally went to see Shashi. My husband does not prefer male massage therapists but has agreed that Shashi is the best. My husband is a tall man who works in conference rooms and flies frequently and has chronic neck and shoulder pain. We will both be long time loyal clients and are grateful to have found Shashi.  B. L.

Shashi is more than just a massage therapist. I had severe pain and doctors who were not interested in helping me understand why. Not only did Shashi help me to understand why, within 2 session the pain I had been experiencing for 9 months was almost completely gone. I cannot say enough about how knowledgeable and caring he is. I cannot thank him enough for helping me get back to a normal life. L.M

My initial visit, I came to see him because I was dealing with some shoulder tightness and neck pain and he immediately fixed me and took me through all ranges of motion and showed me what to do! I then go back 2 months later for a rotator cuff and pec muscle strain and tenderness and he amazingly broke down the anatomy for everything! Then worked on my back and my intercostal muscles and when our session ended, I was healed!! 10 stars if I could give!!! Best medical massage therapist not just in town; ever!!!! I don’t refer anyone else!!

I have been a client for over two years. I have had the pleasure of having massages all over during my business travel. By far Shashi is the best. His techniques and overall knowledge of the human anatomy is incredible. He has an amazing ability to find the areas requiring the most attention. He is a 10 star therapist!  M.N.

After just one session I saw immediate results. Truly amazing, very professional and very skilled with Manual Lymphatic Massages. When I return to the RDU area I will definitely be utilizing this service again. A must try! Best in the triangle area!!!!  Q. F.

I'm an avid bicyclist, and Shashi is one of the few therapists who knows how to really loosen up the IT Bands in my quads. If you are an athlete who needs more than a little help to get the lactic acid out of your muscles and loosen up for your next round of training, this is the place to go.  P. B.

Shashi is fantastic, he has really helped me with my migraine and tension headaches. I used to go to a chiropractor and had been on several different migraine treatments and medications but so far I feel like Shashi has been the best help in terms of relieving my pain. Every time I slept where my head is in an awkward position, I would spend the next few days with mild to migraine type headaches and when I go see Shashi, he would work on my shoulder pain and he would do a customized deep tissue and trigger point therapy. It's really worth seeing Shashi if you have something similar to mine, it's a great alternative to all these heavy migraine medication.  J. C.

I recently had Mommy Makeover( plastic surgery) following my procedure I was interested in having post surgery manual lymph drainage massages. These are not just massages but lymph drainage massages by a Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist. Shashi is a Professional Certified Lymph Drainage Massage Therapist. His lymphatic drainage massages helped me tremendously. As you can see from my photos, the surgery is very hard on your body. The post op care after surgery is very crucial to your healing. On my first visit to Shashi I could barely walk due to swelling, upon leaving I felt so much better. I continued to receive these specialized massages weekly and the progress is significant. Also I followed his instructions at home and made sure not to miss any appointments. Shashi is very professional, caring and honest. I would recommend him over and over. Having the surgery is the easy part, the care you receive after will make you or break you. Please Make sure that Shashi is one of the main people you see following your procedure. J. M.

My experience was surely amazing. Before my treatment my sciatica pain was unbearable. I was unable to walk straight and could not sleep in a bed. But just after two treatments everything was set back in order. No more sciatica pain! Please what ever your pain is please give this doctor a try you won't regret it!!!  - Mark

I have personally seen the benefits of using a certified MLD. Having customized post surgical Manual Lymph Drainage therapies to help improve edema and break scar tissue. Wake Medical Massage has helped me to improve the appearance of a seroma, after the first visit.  A. P.

I have been suffering for a long time with bulged cervical discs, shoulder dislocations, and ridiculopathy. I went to see Sashi after getting a referral through a friend. Within 2 sessions of getting customized deep tissue / trigger point therapy work for my cervical discs, stiff pectoral and frozen shoulder condition, I have already started to notice a difference. He does not waste anytime and goes right for the source of the problem instead of beating up the messenger (which could be some painful side effect of the problem, that usually goes un-noticed). If you are looking for a non-productive relaxing massage, this is not for you, but if you have serious medical problems that you have been struggling to fix, then absolutely call Wake Medical Massage. M. C.

I was suffering for over a year from hip pain in my right hip as well as from the beginnings of sciatica in my right leg, probably brought on, I thought, by a ruptured disc in my lower back which I have had for 30 years. I found Mr. Lodhia on a Google search for a medical masseur, which I wanted to try before resorting to an orthopedist. I met with Mr. Lodhia and explained my symptoms. He listened and asked excellent questions and showed me on a chart of the body's muscles what he thought was the problem: tense muscles in poor alignment on my right side. I received an hour and one-half massage and the massage was terrific with Mr. Lodhia explaining what he was doing at each step. At the end, my pain was gone and has not returned in over a year. I have returned twice for a full body massage which included attention to the right hip and leg. Mr. Lodhia is a terrific masseur, even a magician with his technique. And his prices are extremely reasonable. I have had many professional massages in my 69 years, but never one with the excellent results I have received from Mr. Lodhia. It may be in his genes as both his parents were also massage therapists, and he has a true passion for the healing powers of massage and a deep knowledge of the body and its workings. I give him my highest recommendation. J. L

Travel Dude - As you can guess I travel a lot for work and for fun. Off late I had been having some serious pain in my shoulders and neck . I Contacted Shashi and he was able to accommodate me in his busy schedule. Shashi is a "Medical Massage therapist' and spends time understanding your issues and does not try to sell you anything. The wear and tear caused by 20 years of travel was a lot, but only after 2 sessions I started to feel great. It is worth mentioning that he works on weekends and so for someone like me who is on the road all the time it works out great. I am continuing to use his services regularly and would recommend Shashi to anyone.

Shashi does a fantastic job. I did something to my shoulder and it was in a lot of pain. Also, my schedule was jam packed. The only time I had was first thing in the morning before going into work. Shashi scheduled me at 7:30am and spent an hour on my shoulders. He worked both shoulders helping to release the tension. By the end of the massage, there was a noticeable difference in my shoulder. Over the subsequent days my shoulder has gotten progressively better. And to top it off, you can't beat his prices. B. F

Shashi is very experienced and knowledgeable. I have been receiving manual lymphatic massages from him and have been pleased with my progress. His prices are awesome and best in the area. Please give him a try. He will not disappoint.  P. O

I have been many times to Shashi for massages. I am a nurse and spend a lot of long shifts in my feet. Shashi does a wonderful job working on my sore feet, legs, and low back. I love deep tissue massage and I never feel disappointed when I leave. He has always helped me to feel better. I would highly recommend Shashi!  R. P

As a mountain biker and motocrosser who trains a lot to ride and compete I often end up with an injury or muscle issue. Shashi knows how really get things loose and working well. Deep tissue work is excellent and thorough and highly recommended. E. W

If you are interested in manual lymphatic drainage / medical massage therapy this is the place for you. Shashi is very pleasant and extremely informative. The atmosphere is relaxing. I have been there approximately 6 times since August. I have enjoyed each experience and will continue to be a client. D. J.

Shashi is a phenomenal therapist! He did a fantastic job explaining how pain forms in the body and how massage can help to eleviate that pain. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for massage therapy.

Reviews on Yelp (Yelp moved some reviews under "Reviews Not Currently Recommended")

I went for my first lymphatic drainage massage here yesterday (not my first ever, but first with him, and certainly not my last) at 16 days post op. It was a bit uncomfortable at times, but the relief it resulted in was well worth it. I went from hard and stiff to actually being able to move a bit better. I am coming back this weekend. He was very knowledgeable, explained everything, and even showed me how to massage myself in between appts. I drove 1.5hrs to see him, and it was definitely worth the drive time. Highly recommend. M. W.

A real solution for TMJ pain!  Using hands on medical message techniques, Shashi was able to decrease my pain and loosen locked, tight, skeletal muscles in my jaw releasing the clenching and holding pattern I had for months.  Personally experienced great relief in a few short sessions and highly recommend.  T. T

Shashi is an amazing medical massage therapist. I have chronic issues and he has truly taken his time to understand my body and attends to my areas of pain very well. I've been to quite a few massage therapists, and Shashi is by far the best one!  A. B.

Shashi explains everything he does and why. The massage was great and he is very professional. I would definitely recommend anyone who's had cosmetic surgery and is in need of a lymphatic massage.

Excellent medical massage therapist. He is knowledgeable and takes his time. He is one of the few in the triangle. I left here feeling so much better. He only does same day appts, so you have to call that morning of. If in need of a medical massage he is the guy hands down!!  K. R.

Dr. SHASHI was awesome I went with a migraine because of issues in my back plus I was so tense! He knows so much and I WILL SEE HIM AGAIN...literally my migraine went away the next day. Also he didn't have to take me the same exact day I called him however he did!!! he is very sweet, respectful and nice!!!! Thank you Shashi I will be back soon!!!!!!  P. W

One of the better massages I've had, and definitely the best I've had in the Triangle area. Will be back again, especially considering the reasonable price. Shashi was attentive, focused, and gifted at his work. He is an open and friendly person who clearly takes great pride in his craft. I recommend him to everyone.  D. H.

I got full body lipo and bbl on June 17th in Cali Colombia . When I arrived in the states I reached out to shashi and he was able to get me in the next day ( he treated me as a priority ) . I received several sessions of Certified Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for post liposuction on my abdomen, flanks and lower back. Each session was progressed base and customized to help relieve swelling, pain, and soreness! I followed recommended treatment plan and with each session my range of motion increased and noticed significant reduction in swelling. Having work done by a Certified MLD Therapist and seeing desired results helped me feel that I was in good hands! I am about 3 massages away from ending my sessions with shashi but I will miss him and will receive at least one massage every time I return to the area. D.

Been seeing Shashi for manual lymphatic massages for 2 wks and seeing great results. He's the actual owner and has reasonable prices. I will continue to see him for regular massages even when I no longer require medical massages. He knows his work and very familiar with the procedure I had.

I started visiting Wake Medical Massage for manual lymphatic massages 1 week after having a Brazilian butt lift (bbl) procedure out of state .Shashi is very knowledgeable about this procedure whereas I found other massage therapist in the area lack this expertise. Shashi is the only massage therapist I found in the area that is certified in manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). 

He has alleviated all of my lower back pain and stiffness associated with BBL and I can see improvements in my overall shape with less retention of fluid and swelling. He comes highly recommended! 10+ stars  C. R.

He is well practiced and thorough. He listens to your concerns and explains in detail what he will do and why. His methods are based on the physiology of the nerves and muscles and is knowledgeable enough about how certain conditions affect the body. This makes his procedure very different than a conventional massage. He Then assesses Areas to focus on as he loosens up the myofashia around the muscles. He chooses which technique to use for each area based on what he feels and your reaction to it. Always speak up when something is uncomfortable and he will change it up. The same day appointments can be a blessing or a bother. hydrate well before and after your session consume adequate protein and vitamins a and C and calcium. You will most likely be sore at least the rest of the day. He explains this too. Use ice more than heat the first day or two.

I have had a new experience with back pain that went to the buttocks, the thighs, and even one calf is numb. Shashi's medical massages have helped to progress the healing.  He asks about where the pain is and what the PT is saying. Then his medical massage is guided by my answers and what he senses during the massage. His work is really aiding my healing process.

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As an avid bicyclist, motocrosser and cross trainer I sometimes push things a bit too far. The most recent bad low back problem ended up leaving me with serious muscle tightness and Shashi really made a huge difference. He takes his time, will go as deep tissue as required (or you can tolerate) and will work to relax the muscle spasm. I have been using sports massage for nearly three decades and Shashi is one of the best.  E. W.

I am a world class athlete who had some very serious back pains. Shashi is exactly what I was looking for; someone very knowledgeable, professional, and most of all effective. I needed someone to work with me like a therapist. He was not just an average masseur, but rather a very well trained specialist. He is the only I have found this help me get rid of my back spasms and muscle tightness. The pain relieved since my first visit. Additionally, I really appreciate how punctual and professional he is with his passion.  O. B.

I have been receiving therapeutic massage from Shashi for several months and am very satisfied with his service. He performs professional, deep tissue massage at a reasonable rate. He is more concerned about my health than his wallet. He takes time to explain my problem and his techniques. I tried other medical massage therapists in the area and found his techniques to be more effective. If you are seeking a professional, deep tissue therapeutic massage (not gentle, soothing, fluffy, or kinky massage), try Shashi!  R. S.

An attentive and caring practitioner - definitely the best massage I've had in the triangle and one of the best I've had ever. Relieved substantial pain in my right leg, tension in my hip, and both pain and tension in my lower spine resulting from longstanding spinal injuries. Will be visiting again.  D. H.

I have been to several massage therapists, and Shashi is by far the best. After seeing Shashi, I feel like I have been to a doctor...in a good way. He pays special attention to areas where I experience soreness or pain, explains what he is doing and what I can expect, and leaves me feeling much better. Many therapists I have seen either seem bored, disinterested, or unhappy in their line of work. That is not the case with Shashi. You definitely get your money's worth and real results with him.  K.W.

Once again, while having a continuous issue with my upper back and shoulders, I can count on a 90 minute session to take care of my discomfort. If you are wanting a "rub down", I recommend not going to Shashi for he is so much more than that. Always professional and observant of your needs.  T. H.

Once again, Shashi provided the service I was needing for my neck and shoulders. Standing while doing my job takes its' toll on my upper body. After a brief consultation of my needs, he gets right to work on the areas requiring his expertise. Never feeling rushed is one of his best attributes. Whenever I leave I always know I received the best my money can buy.  A. H.

I have been getting massages from Shashi for about a year now on a regular basis. My neck and lumbar tense up from frequent travels and I seek relief through his therapeutic work. The first massage I had from Shashi was 90 minutes. Since that first one, I have always had the 2 hour massage sessions. At each session, Shashi thoroughly assesses the situation and recommends the appropriate modality. The pressure is always right and he seems to know whether a little more or a little less is needed. The massage room environment is relaxing, neat, comfortable and the heated table is a real plus in cold weather. Shashi is a good person and very interesting to talk to. He often asks how he might improve the experience. I honestly don't know. I keep going back because to me the experience is perfect. D. W. Cary. 

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"I discovered the Cary Parkway Massage Therapy studio back in 2012 and have been excited about my monthly return visits.  Shashi is just amazing.  My routine 2 hour visit leaves me feeling relaxed like I was floating on air. Shashi is always able to find tight muscle groups that need stretching and relaxing and this just amazes me that he is so professional and has excellent abilities. I have had two case of severe lower back pain, mainly from my all too routine air travel and even these situations are relived upon a rare second visit.  I would highly recommend the Cary Parkway Massage Therapy to anyone wanting to relax or ease away those nagging pains that come with our maturity.  The best new feature now is their new studio, VERY nice..!" B. F. Raleigh, NC

"I have had many massages before working with Shashi and I found he has those beat hands down. I work in a high paced technical environment sitting long hours at my desk building tension on my shoulders and lower back but Shashi's therapeutic touch helps relieve and relax me well after each session and am able to sleep better at night. I highly recommend Shashi for your massage needs.  He offers a great massage in a clean, relaxing, and pleasant environment. Go ahead and treat yourself, you will not regret it. "  - S. W. Cary, NC

"I have been going to Shashi for several months now and can wholeheartedly recommend him.  Not only does he have strong, firm hands that melt away the stress of the day, but his touch is intuitive and therapeutic. I frequently have pains in my rotator cuffs and lower lumbar creating stiffness and sores so I seek Shashi’s touch to help bring much needed relief and better sleep. After receiving my massage, I am not only relaxed and rejuvenated, but feel better about myself.  I will definitely continue to come back to Shashi for his amazing work".  - Z. T. Cary, NC

"I was visiting family in Raleigh, NC and was fortunate to discover Shashi when I was searching for a Massage Therapist.  I was originally going to schedule an hour session but felt extremely comfortable with my first meeting and increased to a 90 minute session.  All aspects of the massage were wonderful and a 2-hour session would not have been too long.  The massage room was neat, clean, and quiet which added to the enjoyment of the massage.  Shashi has been always very professional and shows concern for my comfort and satisfaction with the massage. When I am in town which is every other month, I make a point to have repeat performances - 2 hour session! Great touch!. " - W. H. PA

"I have been going to Shashi for quite some time for arthritis and anxiety relief and find his work to be very relaxing and therapeutic. Each visit starts with detailed assessment followed by a peaceful massage. His customized therapeutic work relieves my anxiety and enhances my mobility by relieving my stiff joints. His touch helps me have better night sleep!. You can use Shashi's services with confidence and be assured of a very relaxing experience." - G. S. Wake Forest, NC

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