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1 - Hour
  • Perfect for Mild Pain, Trauma, Stress and Rehab
  • Open 7 days a week. Appointment / consultation by phone Only
  • Common Treatments / Conditions: Learn More 
  • $75  - *
  • Call 919.228.9559 to start your relief process

- Hour

  • Perfect for Mild Injury, Chronic Pain, Stiff Muscles, Stress Relief, and Rehab
  • Open 7 days a week. Appointment / consultation by phone Only
  • Common Treatments / Conditions: Learn More
  • $95  - *
  • Call 919.228.9559 to start your relief process
Mobile Massage Out-call - Call Us - Rates vary based on location, modality, and duration. To learn more Visit Mobile Massage Page ►

Chair Massage - Visit Chair Massage Page  ►

  • Perfect for stress and pain relief
  • Ideal for a lunch break or 1st time massage experience! Can be done fully clothed. Focus areas can include the head, neck, shoulders, back, and arms.
  • Perfect for onsite business or social events. We take care of your stress while you focus on other priorities or fun filled activities

Every body appreciates and benefits from therapeutic touch Learn More  

*New Client Rates applies for most  modalities provided at our location except for  Certified Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) / Lymphatic Drainage MassageFibromyalgia MassageGeriatric MassageChair Massage, and  Mobile Massage (call for more information).



  • Accepting Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Health Savings Accounts - HSA, Flexible Spending Account - FSA, & FLEX cards Please check coverage with your plan administrator (More information below). A $3 (per session) Electronic Transaction Processing Fee will be added for all card payment.
  • Not accepting checks
  • Not accepting insurance. We do not file / conduct paperwork with any insurance
  • All card payments processed using Square Card System. Please read their statement on Accepted Cards - Learn More ►

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 Did you know Medical Massage Therapy can qualify as a Medical, Health Savings Account, or Flexible Spending Account expense? 
Your medical massage therapy can be a qualified medical expense, if prescribed by a physician. According to IRS governance, health care expenditures must be mainly to ease a physical or mental condition. Some of the ailments that qualify include pain management, anxiety, depression, back pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, fibromyalgia, diabetes,

If you are experiencing one of the above conditions, create massage as a qualifying expense by informing your medical practitioner that you are participating in HSA, FSA, FLEX plan and are considering to utilize a portion of your funds toward massage for treatment or prevention of your condition.

Your medical practitioner will need to write a prescription with following information
A. Therapeutic necessity: why you need massage therapy (For example: to relieve neck or back pain, manual lymph drainage)
B. Number of sessions per month (Varies with condition. For example - frequent sessions each week with post-surgery to reduce edema. With other condition, about two massage sessions per month)
C. Duration of treatment (For example - One year)

File your prescription in a safe place in event you are asked to vouch the expense. Bring your HSA, FSA, or FLEX Card (Similar to Debit/Credit card) to pay for your visit.

Validity and Price Guarantee:  Prices are subject to change without prior notice

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